Our Facility

The hangar is one of the newest, multi-level aviation facilities at JKIA. Well situated on the airport proper it houses:

  • A main hangar floorspace of approximately 2,800m2 and

  • Four (4) floor levels of approximately 650m2 each that house a mix of shop and administration support requirements.

  • An active ramp with a current total aircraft parking capacity of 7,250m2

  • A currently undeveloped property space of approximately 9,500m2 that allows for future unencumbered growth considerations.

Our facility

Facility location

The AMSL facility is sited on the north side of JKIA airport along Airport North Road with secured, twenty-four-hour access provided by the Airport Authority. The hangar houses Air Direct Connects Aircraft Maintenance Orginisation and allows for space rental for other, non-competing operators aircraft on an “as available” basis.

Our facility