About The Company

Air Direct Connect Limited is an independent provider of aircraft heavy maintenance, repair, and ancillary shop services for commercial aircraft customers. The AMO is currently Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority approved, in conformance with ICAO standards, for the following aircraft types:

Air Direct Connect Limited Clients include local and regional operators within our niche sector, with small fleets and insufficient infrastructure capabilities, start-up operators with limited aircraft type experience, aircraft lessors for asset management and asset oversight, larger regional aircraft operators looking for overhead savings benefits, and all operators with respect to specialized shop service offerings.

The AMO is physically situated at the Aviation Management Solutions Limited (AMSL) Hangar at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


OUR GOAL is to strive for overall customer satisfaction – on-time, on-budget and regulatory-compliant service.
In doing so,maximizing shareholder value.

OUR VISION is to be a centre of aviation technological excellence majoring in maintenance, repair and overhaul
activities for all clients in the region.

OUR MISSION To offer high quality and cost-effective maintenance solutions to our clients at our welcoming facility
situated at the regional aviation hub in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport


  • We do not compromise on Quality or Safety
  • We practice Inclusiveness and Transparency with our stakeholders
  • Honesty and Integrity are key considerations in our interactions
  • We value and do our utmost to empower our people

Our Company Objectives

To merit Customer satisfaction by providing effective customer-oriented services and cost efficiencies.

To endeavour to maintain the highest International Quality & Safety Aviation Standards.

To uphold applicable Regulatory Compliance

To be cognizant of and to practice relevant Environmental Protection Standards

Provide Effective Oversight Control for Company facilities, and tooling & equipment. assets

To adopt the most Practical and Cost-effective technological innovations

To merit Capabilities and Wellbeing to enable them to perform optimally in their designated function.


Committed Ownership: . Solid business development and growth acumen

Infrastructure and Access A modern, well equipped multi-level facility and developed ramp with reserve property
capacity to allow for expansion. Ideally situated location with twenty-four-hour accessibility to allow for maintenance
production scalability.

Expanding Maintenance Capabilities: Ongoing and continuing investment in training and equipment facilitates
the magnitude of CAA approvals.

Human Capital: Access to a sizeable technical/professional local resource pool with requisite qualifications and experience.

Reputation: A very adept senior management team, well respected in their areas of expertise. A good, long-standing rapport
with the local civil aviation authority, local service providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) alike.