About the company

Air Direct Connect Limited is an independent provider of aircraft heavy maintenance, repair, and ancillary shop services for commercial aircraft customers. The AMO is currently Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority approved, in conformance with ICAO standards, for the following aircraft types:

De Havilland DHC 8 Series 100, 200 and 300 models (Classics),

De Havilland DHC 8 Series 400 model (Q400)

Mitsubishi Regional Jets - Canadair Regional Jet 100 and 200 models

Boeing 737-200 Series

Cessna Citation 500 Series

Why Choose us ?

Infrastructure and Access

A modern, well equipped multi-level facility and developed ramp with reserve property capacity to allow for expansion

Committed Ownership:

Solid business development and
growth acumen.

Expanding Maintenance Capabilities

Ongoing and continuing investment in training and equipment facilitates the magnitude of CAA approvals.

Human Capital

Access to a sizeable technical/professional local resource pool with requisite qualifications and experience.


A very adept senior management team, well respected in their areas of expertise.


A good, long-standing rapport with the local civil aviation authority, local service providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) alike.


The hangar is one of the newest, multi-level aviation facilities at JKIA. Well situated on the airport proper it houses:

A main hangar floorspace of approximately 2,800m2 and

Four (4) floor levels of approximately 650m2 each that
house a mix of shop and administration support requirements

An active ramp with a current total aircraft parking capacity of 7,250m2.

A currently undeveloped property space of approximately 9,500m2
that allows for future unencumbered growth considerations.


A consortium of highly skilled and seasoned aviation professionals oversees the MRO operation. The designated senior management team has well over a century of combined experience specific to aviation maintenance management, production, quality assurance and safety coupled with a practised familiarity of the induction process for new aircraft types and models to operations. The senior management/ “post holder” team is well recognised in the industry by their peers and regulatory bodies alike. Their reputations and their professionalism are historically proven.